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Western tableware layout diagram Western tableware use method

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Placement of tableware

It can always be seen in the TV series. Once you enter a French restaurant, the tableware is placed on the third floor and the third floor. The duties are not to be confused. What is the specific?

The world's advanced Western-style banquet tables are basically unified. The common principle is:

The pad is centered, the fork is left and right, the tip is up, and the edge is inward.

The spoon is placed in front of the plate, the staple food is on the left, the tableware is on the right, and the rest of the utensils are placed as appropriate.

The number of wine glasses is the same as the type of wine. The method is from left to right, followed by a strong glass, a wine glass, a champagne glass, and a beer mug.

Western food is placed on a plate. If you need to put some items on the plate before the guests have sat down, the napkin is placed next to the plate.

Specific to the French meal, there are 15 kinds of cutlery or more.

1, napkin Napkin

2, harpoon Fish Fork

3, the main fork Dinner or Main Course Fork

4, salad fork Salad Fork

5, soup cup and soup tray Soup Bowl & Plate

6, the main menu Dinner Plate

7, the main kitchen knife Dinner Knife

8, fish knife Fish Knife

9, spoon Soup Spoon

10, bread and butter dish Bread & Butter Plate

11, cream knife Butter Knife

12. Dessert Spoon and Cake Fork Dessert Spoon and Cake Fork

13. Water Cup Water Goblet

14, red wine glass Red Wine Goblet

15, white wine glass White Wine Goblet

Positioning preparation

1. Paved the tablecloth, put the show plate disc, and set the position with the display disc.

2. When placing the disc, hold the bottom of the disc with the left hand, the waist of the disc is pressed against the waist, the muscles of the right thumb are pressed against the edge of the disc, and the other four fingers are placed at the bottom of the disc, placed in the middle of the seat, and the left and right are equidistant, the show plate is off the table. 2CM.

3, the order of the tableware: sickle - soup more - rice more - fork - butter dish - butter knife.

4, the specific requirements: first put the sickle on the left side of the display disc, 0.5CM from the side of the disc; the soup is placed on the right side of the sickle, 0.5CM from the file, the fork is placed on the left side of the display disc, the distance disc On the side of 0.5CM, the rice is placed on the top of the dish, 0.5CM from the side of the dish; the butter knife is placed in one third of the butter dish.

5, put on a tall water cup, a special red wine glass, white wine glass.

6, the requirements of the cup: the tall water cup is placed above the file, 1CM from the tip of the knife, the tip of the knife is facing the cup handle position of the goblet.

7, the red wine glass is placed directly above the file, the knife is 1CM away from the red wine glass.

8, the white wine glass is placed directly above the sickle, 1CM from the red wine glass

9. The three cups are at a 45-degree angle with the opposing cups, which is the diagonal balance with the table.

10. Put the mat of the corresponding color and place it in the middle of the display disc.

11. When setting up the table, you must put two sets of salt bottles, pepper bottles and sugar bowls.

12. Separate the two sides by placing the centerpiece of the countertop as the boundary.

13. Put the folded napkin and toothpick holder in a water cup in order.

14. After placing the table, you can stand in the middle of the back of the dining chair to check whether the position is in the middle.

15. Arrange the distance between the dining table and the dining chair. The dining chair should be perpendicular to the tablecloth.

In front of each seat, tableware wine set

Cutlery placement method

Knife and fork placement method

Before entering the table, the napkin is placed on the top or left side of the main dish.

Put a knife and a spoon on the right side of the plate and put a fork on the left side. It can be used from the outside to the inside depending on the order of the meal, the appetizer, the soup, the dishes, the fish dishes, the meat dishes, and the dishes you want.

In the upper right corner of the glass, the largest is the goblet for water, the second is used for red wine, and the slender glass is used for white wine, and it is also used for champagne or sherry. glass.

The bread tray and cream knife are placed on the left hand side, and the small spoon and knife and fork used for coffee or snacks are placed opposite the main dish.

Use of tableware

The knife is used to cut food. Don't use a knife to pick up food and send it to your mouth.

Remember: take the knife in your right hand

If you have three different sizes of knives at the same time, the correct usage is: the one with small serrations is used to cut meat; the medium size is used to cut large pieces of vegetables into small pieces; Small, the tip of the knife is round, and the top is slightly upturned, it is used to cut the small bread, and then use it to pick some jam and cream on the bread.

Do not gesticulate when holding a knife and fork in your hand. When speaking or talking, it is ceremonial to place the knife and fork on the plate. This is also a respect for the people next to you.

[It’s very good for food]: There is no need to take a knife like a pen. I don't know why, but the foodist found that there are many people who use the knife to gesture very strange, as if they are taking a pen. And don't talk about elegance and elegance, can you use it?

Take the fork with your left hand.

Put the right amount of food into the mouth once and put it in the mouth.

When you fork the food into the mouth, the teeth only touch the food, do not bite the fork, and do not let the knife and fork make a sound on the teeth or in the plate.

In formal occasions, there are a variety of spoons: small for coffee and dessert; flat for butter and cake; larger for soup or small food; the biggest is public For the soup, it is common in buffets.

When you drink the soup, take the spoon and smear from the inside out. Don't take the spoon very heavy to the end. The outside of the spoon touches the soup.

When you drink, touch the inside of the spoon with your lips. Do not bring the soup bowl to drink.

When the soup is finished, gently raise the inside of the soup pot with your left hand on the reliable chest. The soup is concentrated on the side of the bottom of the pot and the right hand is cleared with a spoon.

Talking tableware

In the process of eating and after eating, how to place the tableware is also very particular. It lets the waiter know what you mean without waving.

I have not finished using the meal: the plate is not available. If you want to continue eating, open the knife and fork, about a triangle, then the waiter will not take your plate away.

I have used up the meal: I can place the knife and fork parallel on the same side of the plate. At this time, even if there is something in the plate, the waiter will understand that you have finished using the meal and will take the plate away at the appropriate time.

Please add me more food: the plate is empty, but you still want to dine, open the knife and fork, about eight-shaped, then the waiter will add food to you (this is only available at the banquet where food is allowed or in food) It is only applicable when the dish is added.)

The soup spoon is placed horizontally in the soup plate, and the spoon is up, which means that the soup can be taken away.